Exploring Merida: A 3- Day Itinerary

March 26, 2024

When coming to Merida, there are so many things to do and see, one has a hard time figuring out where to start. Here, together with Visit Merida MX we give you some guidance on how to explore the area if you only have 3 days to do it!

Day 1

Begin your journey by having breakfast at one of the most famous taquerias in Merida at the Santiago park: La Lupita . There you can taste Yucatan in just one bite of a torta de lecho or taco de cochinita pibil! Once you get the essence of Yucatan in your belly, head to the heart of the historic center by exploring the San Ildefonso Cathedral. This remarkable cathedral, dating back to 1598, is the oldest cathedral in Mexico and all of continental America.

After touring the cathedral, make your way to Pasaje Revolución, a dynamic corridor that combines daily life with art the MACAY Museum features modern and contemporary art that’s sure to inspire you.

For a truly unique experience, don’t miss the “Piedras Sagradas” videomapping show every Friday at 8:30 pm. This captivating show takes you on a journey through the history of T’Hó, the ancient Mayan city where Mérida was built. You can also make a reservation at the restaurant Picheta for 8pm, there you get a VIP view of the mapping while sipping a cocktail or eating a really nice meal. Be sure to tell them that you want to see the mapping so you get the best seat for the view!

After your visit to the Macay, head to Calle 63 and explore Casa Montejo, a beautiful Renaissance-style residence once owned by Spanish conquistador Francisco de Montejo. Admission is free, so take your time and enjoy.

Cross the street to Plaza Grande, a peaceful park where you can relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. Sit in one of the iconic “confidente” chairs and watch the pigeons and x-kaus (Mexican grackles) as you explore the park.

Walk through the park and down Calle 62 to the Municipal Palace. Here, you can learn about specific tourist spots, lodging, cuisine, and take the Por el Corazón de Mérida” tour, which takes you to the hidden gems of the city center.

For a truly unique experience, take an electric carriage to see the city’s most emblematic sites.

Head back to Calle 60, which is a major artery through the centro of Merida. On the 60, you’ll find a plethora of dining options, entertainment, and shops. Hidalgo Park, Mother’s Park, José Peón Contreras Theater, and the Central Building of the Autonomous University of Yucatan are just a few of the highlights.

Make your way to Santa Lucía Park, a vibrant green space with a large “confidente” chair that’s perfect for taking memorable photos of your stay in Mérida. 

**On Thursday evenings at 9:00 pm, enjoy the Yucatecan Serenade in the park. Santa Lucia is filled with great restaurants and we would suggest making a reservation at Apoala, Rosas Sur, La Recova, Avec Amor, or La Tratto for Thursday to enjoy the trova over a nice dinner out.**

But don’t stop there! Keep walking until you reach Santa Ana Park, where you’ll find El Remate and, finally, Paseo de Montejo. Take in the beautiful route with its French, Italian, or Moorish-style mansions and visit museums such as Palacio Cantón and Casa Museo Montejo.

End your day by admiring the Monumento a la Patria, a stunning stone sculpture that reflects the country’s rich history. For a truly immersive experience, use the VisitMeridaMx app to experience augmented reality at the monument. Here you will find restaurants La Bottega, Emplumado and Justo Cafe to rest and refuel. 

As the sun sets, enjoy a leisurely walk back on Paseo de Montejo and relax in one of the “confidente” chairs as you watch the stunning sunset. Enjoy your time in Mérida, and make the most of every moment!

Day 2

“Get up, it’s time to go for a walk!” 

Be sure to bring water, wear sunblock and a hat!

The Centennial Zoo Park awaits you with a morning full of activities. Get closer to nature in its maximum expression and live with its wild fauna while enjoying its iconic train and cable car.

Tip: If walking is your thing, you can choose to enjoy a long stroll through the streets to the General Cemetery. There you will know one of the oldest cemeteries in the country with impressive artistic works erected in homage to people who were very beloved. It also plays an important role in the history of Mexico as the Governor Felipe Carrillo Puerto was shot and killed on a firing wall in that cemetery during the time after the Mexican Revolution. He was a great promoter of education and defender of the indigenous population in Mexico, especially Yucatan. 

Now, if you prefer a lighter route, it’s time to explore more colonial neighborhoods! Head to the Ermita neighborhood and admire the Santa Isabel Chapel built in the 16th century. Take a moment to walk through the square, take some photos in the kiosk and the confident chairs arranged on each corner of the park.

Advance three more blocks and arrive at San Sebastian Park. If your stomach is already growling with hunger, make a stop at the market to delight yourself with a varied selection of Yucatecan snacks available for all tastes. Our favorite is the mondongo from Loncheria la Reina de Mondongo. A great tripe stew for those adventurous eaters!  

Surround the park, take a stroll through the church and continue for a little over 10 minutes to the San Juan neighborhood. It’s time to make a couple of stops, starting with the San Juan Arch, an old structure that marked the union route between Yucatan and Campeche; and then pass by the San Juan Bautista Temple, whose architecture makes it one of the most beautiful churches in Merida.

Head over to 71st street and 56th street, on the left side, you will find the San Benito Market, and nearby is the San Cristobal neighborhood, the Lucas de Galvez Market, the City Museumand the Garcia Rejon Bazaar. This is your opportunity to walk among the most traditional markets in Merida and find basic items, handicrafts, and lots of regional food! You will get great photographs inundated with color, aromas and culture!

If you have extra energy, head to the Santiago neighborhood and end the day with a hearty dinner at any of the restaurants or food stalls that you will find throughout the heart of the city, and in the same market.”

Day 3

Today is a great day to escape to the outskirts of Mérida! A fantastic option is to head towards Progreso to enjoy the ocean, the sea breeze, and the coastal flavors.

Before setting off, it’s worth paying a visit to the Museum of Maya World, where you can admire iconic pieces of the Maya civilization and take a tour through their history with the help of itinerant exhibitions.

If you’re on a budget, you can take the Auto Progreso that departs from in front of the museum. This transport will drop you off just a few blocks from the Malecón Internacional. In the port, you can visit the Meteorite Museum, take a walk along the Malecón, ride the Ferris wheel, and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Back in Mérida, you’ll feel satisfied in every way. Your journey through the city will have been intense but full of history, architecture, hospitality, and delicious food.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Mérida! For more information on the city and its attractions, be sure to also check out the website  https://visitmerida.mx/inicio. Don’t forget to download their app “Visit Mérida mx” for Android and iPhone, available at https://apps.apple.com/mx/app/visit-mérida-mx/id1532687136 / https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rckgames.visitmeridamx&hl=es_MX&gl=US&pli=1.

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