Noche Blanca 2024: MID City’s Inside Scoop on Where to go

Noche Blanca is Merida’s biggest cultural night this year happening May 24th & May 25th and there are literally hundreds of events so when trying to figure out where to go, it can be a bit overwhelming. Friday the 24th is the eve and Saturday the 25th is the main night. Really, you can’t go wrong with any agenda you make; however, we want to share what we will probably be hitting up so that you have a bit of an Insider look at what is peaking the interest of the MID City team!

**Here we are focusing on May 25th, but the 24th will be a fun night out as well without as many people!

FRIDAY MAY 24TH starting around 7pm

  • Galeria Urbana 7pm Casa Tho, Paseo de Montejo & 45, they will be having an exhibition of some of Mexico’s most well known contemporary artists –worth a visit!
  • SoHo Galleries 7pm-11pm Jazz in Mexican Culture with Mauricio Gallardo 
  • Centro Cultural Fernando Castro Pacheco starting at 8pm musical line-up worth checking out
  • Escenario costado de Palacio Cantón Av. Paseo de Montejo x calle 43 esq. (a un costado de Palacio Cantón) starting at 8pm musical line-up worth checking out 

For full line up of activities on BOTH DAYS go here

SATURDAY MAY 25TH starting around 7pm



Plaza Grande

Visual Encounter with designers and artist living in Yucatan: 

Laura Kirar, Jeff Colson, Ricardo León, Evgeniya Korotchenko, Rafiki Sánchez, Alexa Torre, Manuel Mathar, Alonso Maza, Claribel Calderíus, Ernesto García Sánchez, David Escalante, Isaac Zambra, Karla Sosa, Carlos Pliego, Andrea Pasos

Curador: Alberto Arceo

7:30 p.m.

The Underworld from the Voice of the Street: Exhibition of works by artist Datoer and live painting.

Barrio Santa Ana

8:00pm Paint Giant Letters and Leave Your Mark

8:30pm Create Who You Want to Be

8:30pm Fly and Discover Yucatán from Your Cell Phone with Rafa Heredia – Abuxapqui

8:00pm Despiel by Alfredo Romero: This exhibition seeks to explore the strappo technique and the preservation of urban memory.

8:00pm CINEMA NAHUALLI: Screening of the Official Selection of Short and Feature Films of 2024.

9:00pm Tribute to Samuel Barrera: Pictorial exhibition.

8:00pm Multiform Sparkles: Group exhibition of great Oaxacan and Mexican artists.

Participating artists: Galo Sculptor, Alejandro Velasco, Jesús Cuevas, Emiliano López Javier, Jonathan Vázquez, Marco Sánchez, Blanca Ricci, and Ana Martínez. Oliver Martínez.

Barrio La Ermita

“Joseph Kurhajec Collection” 

“México lindo y querido. Collection of Legends and Traditions of My Village” by Manuel Espinosa Meleb

“Life is a Classic Movie” by Boscuo Boscua

La Galeria + ANNEX Calle Calle 64 x 73 y71

8:00 p.m.

Flowers: Welcome to the cycle of bees. Oral installation by artist Alonso Gozospe.

Nomads: Performance by Henry Daniel to visualize the migrant journey and its stereotypes.

Night sculptures by Fabricio Vanden Broeck and Tour of works by Mexican illustrators: Fabricio Vanden Broeck, Pájaro Toj, Henry Daniel, Selene Ramírez, and Joel Barrio Santiago.

Barrio Santiago

Ephermal Museum of Culture & Art

8:00pm 10 days of contemporary art with 12 artists and 6 exhibitions. This is a new concept in Merida and worth the visit!

Paseo Montejo

7:00pm The Utopia of Color by Pedro Friedeberg, Jazzamoart, Jorge Marín, Alfonso Mena, Rodrigo de la Sierra, and Vicente Vértiz Pani.

8:00pm NUUP. Crossroads and Origin: Edgar Canul. Series of installations evoking elements linked to identity and the almost forgotten origin of a past.

9:00pm I Think Words: Edgar Canul. Performance. The artist, in silence, connects with the audience only through the gaze, forming words with concrete letters.


8:00pm Exhibition: Alexis Mata and Marcos Castro. Duality of techniques, consisting of painting, graphics, and drawing.

7:00pm Between the Beach and the Sky: By sculptor Miguel Peraza.

Modern Times by Lazer Fundora, presenting 15 pieces influenced by Pop Art and graphic design.


Aerial Theater: MUARÉ Experience

9pm & 11:33 PM

Location: Remate de Paseo de Montejo, Calle 56-a s/n between 47 and 49, Centro

An exchange of intensities between the musical and visual fields. It is a confrontation of sensations. It is a dialogic experience between a rock concert, an aerial show, and the space. 

Alebrijes Parade

10:00 PM

Location: Gastronomic and Tourist Corridor Calle 47 at Calle 50 and 56

Cía. Alebríjula, Light and Magic with a Mexican Soul. Walk through the city center with some very fun characters! For the whole family.


El Remate/La Terraza Cuarteto de Jazz starting at 10:30pm Jazz Tumbao 

Location: Calle 47 y Paseo de Montejo

Santa Ana Park 

Location: Calle 60 at Calle 47, Centro

  • X Alfonso 

8:00 PM

Cuban singer-songwriter, producer, arranger, and composer. His work as one of the composers of the soundtrack for the film “Habana Blues,” directed by Spanish filmmaker Benito Zambrano, earned him the Goya Award during the 20th edition of the event. For the whole family.}

  • Los Que Toquem (LQTM)


Cumbia soniders and tropical 

  • Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto

11:00 PM

An institution of ancestral music in Colombia. Their music reflects the influence of three major cultures (African, Spanish, and Indigenous). They are recognized as ambassadors 

of traditional gaita music on an international level. In each of their concerts, they showcase their legacy and new musical works, aiming to support new composers and artists. Since 2014, Los Gaiteros have been under the direction of maestro Gabriel E. Torregrosa, a descendant of one of the founders and a long-time member of the group. With him, they have recorded several successful albums, recognized worldwide. For the whole family.

  • Los Vikingos del Norte


With their Neo-Norteño Rock that combines regional Mexican music with alternative elements, they come from Chihuahua for all the people of Mérida. Fun for the whole family.

San Sebastian Park Calle Calle 70 x 77 y 75

  • Drone show 

9pm & 11pm

  • Grupo Niche 

11pm Incredible and iconic salsa band from Colombia 

La Ermita de Santa Isabel Park Calle 77 at Calle 66, Centro

  • Yaalen Kúj ft Damián Medina


Artists Yaalen Kúj and Damián Medina, from Akil, Yucatán, present a bilingual show in Maya and Spanish with a live band. Both projects aim to channel their culture and rural worldview into their compositions, with lyrics and music being a living testimony of the lifestyle they proudly represent. For the whole family.

  • Pat Boy & DJ Rakalku (featured in Wakanda Forever the Hollywood Marvel production)

Pat Boy gives a 45-minute rap performance in Maya, interacting with the audience by sharing phrases in the Maya language and engaging in activities to give away a t-shirt, books, or CDs, with an intermission featuring DJ Rakalku. For the whole family.

La Paz Park Avenida Itzáez at Calle 59, Centro 

  • Áurea Vol. II  DJ’s from around the world

Golden Music Vol. II The musical phenomenon returns to the city of Mérida. You can’t miss it!

7:00 p.m. – ARTW

8:00 p.m. – Robe

9:00 p.m. – Josué Josué

10:30 p.m. – Diguital Trip

11:59 p.m. – Hot Chip – DJ Set One of the most beloved electronic bands from England. Experience and enjoy the mix of the highest stroboscopic euphoria with the most reflective headphone melancholy.

Parque de La Peni

Santa Lucía Park, Calle 55 at 60, Centro

  • Vocal Luna Ensemble 8pm 

Songs of Cuba and the World –The Vocal Luna Ensemble, consisting of five female voices, will bring this musical journey to life through various songs, rhythms, and sounds representing different regions of the world. Fun for the whole family.


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