Paaytaan Festival Maya Yucatan

Paáy’taan La Cita: Yucatan’s First World Music & Maya Wisdom Festival

March 17-20th Izamal  will host Yucatan’s largest world sacred music and Maya wisdom festival Páayt’aan La Cita.  Páayt’aan is a cultural festival that looks to share a new experience of Maya culture. It will have adventures for the body, mind and spirit including experiential tours, traditions, exhibitions, gastronomic experiences, folklore and legends, poetry and concerts.. This is a way to deepen your understanding of Maya culture and ancient traditions of the Maya World and there will be musicians and culture lovers from around the world. This will be an exciting weekend, where visitors can come for the day or make a weekend of it. It is the event of the year and one not to miss!

What will visitors experience at the festival? 

Visitors have the options to participate in Body (cuerpo), Mind (mente)  and Spirit (alma)  experiences. And here you can learn more and purchase “Passports” to experiences:

Experiences will focus on:

  • A deep personal transformation for the better. 
  • Learning from the Maya people and about the power of Maya Yucatec culture. 
  • Walking in the imagery of other realities through musical expressions, and  learning of spirituality in different cultures and peoples. 
  • Understanding and enjoying what you feel, smell, see, eat, and hear. 
  • Connecting with your inner self through traditional healing and meditation.
  • Learning about life by listening to Maya legends and folklore. 
  • Making time to listen to a poem. • Recognizing the language of spiritual world music. 
  • Strolling-about and feeling the warmth of the Yucatean sun.

The Headliner Concerts will be: 

  • MARCH 17th 8pm Alex Guardiola (Cuba) Tania Rubio (México) electroacoustic intervention
  • MARCH 18th 8pm Luzmila Carpio, who will bring the music and chants of the South American highlands that celebrate Mama-Earth (Pacha-mama). 
  • MARCH 19th 8pm Inca-persian group, the subtlety of an improbable gathering. 
  • MARCH 20th 8pm Sack Tzevul, Mayan rock. Traditional instruments and modern voices contribute to Renew mayan spirituality giving it a contemporary and universal characte


For more information on how to get TICKETS TO THE FESTIVAL go to:

Gastronomic Experiences: Mayan Cuisine, gastronomic laboratories, workshops, and interventions by renowned chefs.

There will be both formal and informal dining experiences. Every day, traditional cooks will prepare dishes and share tastes and knowledge with both locals and visitors. There will also be renown chef prepared dinners for a more intimate and special experience. 

Ceremony of Cacao: An energizing ritual beverage as well as three talks to understand its use and story

Under the canopy of the sacred ceiba tree will be meetings of poetry, lyrics, and narratives where poets, narrators, storytellers, rappers, and wise people come together to express themselves and extend an invitation to the community to do the same. 

Video mapping, soundscapes and visual arts will be set up uniting nature and contemporary art expressions. 

Maaya Kaajo (House of Traditions) learn about Shamanic Practices

  • J-meno’ob (mayan curanderos) 
  • Epigraphers 
  • Yerbateros (herbalists) 
  • Midwives 
  • Tzol-kin readers (time-reading specialists) 
  • Hueseros (bone specialists) 
  • Mayapicultores (Maya honey experts) 
  • Cocoa bean readers
  • Traditional beverage specialists 

Contemporary Art:

At the old movie theater RAFIKI SÁNCHEZ Páayt’aan will be a contemporary art exhibit La tierra al revés (The Earth Upside Down). This exhibition brings together Mexican plastic artists to produce, and exhibit works of art in dialogue with contemporary Yucatec Maya expressions.

Some of the artists include

The Main Square in Izamal

Itzamná Square (k’iiwik) is a space where locals will present their handicrafts, weaving, honey and preserves, spices, and so much more. K’iiwik will be a starting point for guided visits and tour. 

GUIDED TOURS • Sacred Trees • Pyramids • Legends • Architecture of Izamal • Nature • Byrd watching • Cenote experience • Temples, Churches and convents • Market

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