Tierra de Cafe

Tierra de Cafe: Small Family Coffee Farmers from the Highland of Chiapas

The rich & flavorful coffee of Tierra de Cafe

Tierra de Cafe is a local coffee roaster company and coffee shop on Calle 62 x 45 and  in Merida, Yucatan owned by husband and wife team from Chiapas Luis Andres and Hanny. They work with small family coffee farmers in Chiapas  who make up a co-op of 50 families called the Sacred Earth Cooperative and it is located in Southern Chiapas in the protected biosphere reserve and UNESCO site, El Triunfo in the mountains of the Sierra Madre in Chiapas. All the coffee is cultivated in harmony with nature. The earth gives them everything they need. The perfect soil, weather and beans. They don’t use any pesticides and the farmers work the land each day in order to cultivate an excellent coffee and a sustainable living. 

“Tierra de Cafe is in harmony with nature always looking for the best because we like to share the best coffee”. –owner Luis Andres Clemente

Tierra de Cafe

Tierra de Café has been in Merida for three years and they supply some of the best cafes and restaurants in town. They are now delivery directly to coffee lovers home in Merida and all over Mexico. They offer various lines of specialty coffees and all coffee is cultivated between 1,450-1900 meters above sea level.

Tierra de Cafe

Tierra de Café is a company that believes in supporting the farmer with a fair wage and working conditions, and take pride in the coffee which is produced in a natural and sustainable way. MID CityBeat enjoys their coffee every day and we encourage you to support local, sustainable businesses who put people, quality and passion before profit.

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To order: +52 999 955 1496

Address: Calle 62 x 45 and 47 

Open Monday to Friday 8am-3pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TierradecafeMX/?ref=br_rs

Instgram: https://www.instagram.com/tierradecafemx/

Tierra de Cafe
Tierra de Cafe

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