Dal Baffo Ristorante Bar Italiano Merida Yucatan

Dal Baffo Ristorante Bar Italiano The Heart of Italian Cooking on Avenida Alemán​

Written by Stephanie Carmon

Dal Baffo is tucked away on Avenida Alemna in Colonia Felipe Carrillo Puerto and if you drive by too fast you might miss it! This is a true gem of Italian food and we are excited to tell all of you Italian food lovers about our great find.

Dal Baffo Ristorante Bar Italiano is an enchanting story of 2 hard-working Italians from different backgrounds and different parts of Italy who have come together and are dedicated to teaching you about Italian cuisine.

Massimilliano is from a small town in central Italy where many famous Italian dishes originate from. He grew up eating the best, uncomplicated pastas, salads and desserts made from simple ingredients that cultivated on their land. Fulvia is from Parma, a contrasting region where the flavours and ingredients are much richer. In Parma, everything that is served has to be cooked to perfection and served to the highest standard. By bringing these upbringings and experiences together, Massimilliano and Fulvia have created the best versions of staple Italian dishes using simple ingredients found here in Merida.​

You’ll find that Fulvia is out and about in the city (and beyond) each day looking for new ingredients that will enhance the flavors of the dishes at Dal Baffo. She tells us that Mexican products are actually perfect for Italian food, particularly in the Yucatan where you can find very high quality, organic products.
And because of this dedication and search for perfection, the experience here is simply wonderful.

The menu includes a variety of dishes from all of Italy and is specifically designed to teach you about Italian food, with diagrams and images of the different types of pasta. The personal touch of having a pasta guide will help you decide what to choose. They’ve worked very hard to communicate their passion with you. And if you’re still not sure, ask for more information and they will gladly tell you about the origin of the dishes. For a taste of the mountains of Parma we recommend the Lasagne Val Parma (or Lasagne Blanca) with delicious mushrooms and a creamy white sauce. The Tagliatelle Alla Siciliana which takes inspiration from Napoli but is actually served with burrata (a ball of mozzarella and cream) and the Parmigiana di Melanzane is cooked in a northern Italian style with many beautifully crafted layers of exquisite vegetables.

If you can only make it to Dal Baffo for dessert, well this is totally worth it! The Sbriciolate, made using an old family recipe, is a gorgeous plate of light puff pastry with cream and fruit. Or, go for the Panna Cotta, so smooth and fresh this is one of the most enjoyable eating experiences we’ve ever had sampling desserts for Mid CityBeat.

Only on the scene since 2016 and tucked away in Aleman, Dal Baffo has taken Merida by storm and is now one of the top restaurants on Trip Advisor! So come and meet Massimilliano and Fulvia, let them educate you in the world of Italian food and be inspired by their passion to serve you only the absolute best.

Need to know info:
Price range: $$$
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 19:00-00:00 , Sunday 13:00-22:00.
Address: Avenida Aleman #73, Felipe Carrillo Puerto.
Contact: 999 434 4131
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dalbaffomerida/

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