Meet & Support the Local Farmers Feb 24th Agroecological Fair 

Circulo 47 is an initiative by the city of Merida to help stimulate the growth of the small farms around the city. There are a variety of micro farmers in the surrounding villages of Merida and this program encourages the local restaurants, stores and consumers to buy local and support the local farmers in the 47 villages surrounding the city. 

Many villagers are forced to work in Merida, leaving their homes and children to be tended to by other family members during the week so that they can make money to provide for their families. In creating a market for the valuable work they do from their villages, there is an opportunity for the farmers and producers to stay close to home and have a better quality of life. And also the consumer gets a healthy product made and worked with local hands. It’s a win win.

This Feb 24th 8:30 am to 1:00 pm at Parque Pista Roja, Calle 46 between 71 and 76, CORDEMEX, the Municipality of Mérida through the Círculo 47 Program of the Directorate of Economy and Tourism invites you to the Agroecological Fair of Círculo 47, in collaboration with Slow Food Norte Mercado De La Tierra.

Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy agroecological products, food, live music and culture and to promote fair trade.

What will you find?

Enjoy a wide variety of local and healthy agroecological products for you and for the environment: Vegetables, meats, sauces, preserves, jams, cheeses and dairy products, fruits, tortillas, bee honey, free-range eggs, among many more products.

Meet the Farmers

Come and meet firsthand the 30 enterprises, including producers and transformers, that will be offering during the Agroecological Fair a great diversity of delicious, fresh, and healthy products.

With your purchase, you help to promote local producers and strengthen responsible, healthy, and sustainable consumption in Mérida.

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