Mérida Restaurant Week 2023 is Back

Thursday, September 21, 2023

The Most Delicious Week of the Year is Back!

With the participation of over 300 restaurants, the sixth edition of Mérida Restaurant Week is set to take place, marking one of the most significant culinary events in the capital of Yucatán.

The event will run from September 25th to October 1st.

Special Promotions at Mérida Restaurant Week

This year, the packages, which include a main course, a beverage, and either an appetizer or dessert, will be priced at $159, $269, and $399.

As part of this culinary extravaganza, you can explore establishments offering a diverse range of specialties, from seafood and Italian and Japanese cuisines to dishes from various regions of Mexico. And, of course, you can savor proudly Yucatecan dishes that have made our cuisine a global emblem.

Hundreds of restaurants in the city of Mérida are offering a menu featuring the best of their cuisine at prices significantly below the norm. Currently, 150 restaurants have already registered to participate.

Check out the complete list of participating restaurants here!


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