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Oliva al Volo delicious Italian food to eat here or to go in Merida, Yucatan

Written by Harriet Sleath 

Oliva al Volo

In the heart of Paseo 60, the gleaming new complex on Calle 60 close to the Hyatt hotel, you’ll find a great variety of restaurants and food pop-ups with some of the biggest and most talked about names in town. A true highlight in Paseo 60 is Oliva al Volo which owners Stefano and Melissa opened in January 2019. In Italian, Al Volo means “on the run” which perfectly fits the theme of the 5th member of the Oliva family. Whether you’re looking for a family meal with options to please everyone, a place to bring your laptop and enjoy the open space, a quick bite before an evening meeting or a variety of food on your doorstep if you’re just in town for a couple of days, this is the perfect spot for you!​

We are pretty sure you’ve heard of Oliva, a group of small, authentic Italian restaurants which have grown organically throughout the city of Merida, in a surprisingly short space of time. Melissa and Stefano came to live Merida about 10 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed creating their little Oliva Empire. First came Oliva Kitchen, the Oliva pioneer if you will, which was created as a representation of Stefano’s Grandmother’s Kitchen in Italy. It’s a real, personal experience which was soon followed by Oliva Enoteca, with the addition of an award-winning selection of wines! Olivia Patio is the 3rd Oliva and the only family member to have an outdoor space with a sexy patio for romantic evenings. And they hopped across the country to open Oliva Al Mare in Baja California on the Pacific Coast.​

Stefano absolutely loves spreading the joy of Italian food and you might run into him at any of his restaurants on any given day. At Oliva al Volo you’ll find top-quality food served fresh and on handmade plates, just one of the many indicators that show that quality is not lost despite the expansion of the Oliva group. After enjoying a chunky olive appetizer we recommend the Burrata appetizer, a glistening sphere of mozzarella with sundried tomatoes and delicious homemade pesto. The Verde Insalata is a generous salad packed with cubes of flavor in the roasted beetroot, goats cheese and chunky bacon.

For a light lunch, the Panini dal Monteis a must – bread baked fresh at the Oliva Enoteca bread with salami, mozzarella, Portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, olives and rocket – this is a true taste of the Mediterranean. And what Italian restaurant is complete without its pasta dishes? Try the delicious Diavola or incredibly cheesy Quattro Formaggi pasta dishes for your pasta fix!

Each Oliva restaurant is different, like having 5 family members with different hobbies, strengths and interests but ultimately with the same genes. Oliva al Volo is the younger brother who is fast catching up and living up to its siblings’ great reputation.​

Need to know info:

Price range: $$

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 15:00-23:00.

Address: Calle 60 #346, Zona Paseo Montejo, Centro

Olive website: https://www.olivamerida.com/

Video by Tin Castro

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