Lovers, Is Our New Society Pushing Us to Anti-relationship Standards?

By Assata Akil

Hello everyone! 

This generation is one of the boldest, business-driven, self-expressive and self-empowered in history. The 21st Century is also labeled as “The Age of Living Single”. In today’s new awakenness and independence, a new way of thinking is morphing towards the realization that success is attainable by all and marriage and traditional relationships are a thing of the past. These new world revelations lead us to the question; have our privileges and freedoms turned us into a single society?  

As you can see our society is changing in a big way and the evolution is directly changing the morals on relationships and work ethics. The narrative has changed on what families and the workforce looks like and with that lessons on maintaining healthy relationships are being replaced with the freedoms of the single movement . While some praise the single movement and correlate it to independence, my hopes are that we are not turning into a selfish society that is unwilling to tolerate others. 

I want to know the essence of what is truly driving singlehood. I hear partnership standards and expectations become more self-centered everyday. I am sure that this protective stance is due to numerous factors such as age, experience and financial responsibilities (or lack thereof). Whichever the reason, those in this new found movement know what they want and are very content with remaining single until they find it. Does the rise in singlehood mean the end to families? Most importantly, what is changing in this current generation that more people are favoring the idea of singlehood? 

To put our compromise level into perspective let’s review our relationship “standards” checklist since the pandemic. Have you raised or lowered your bar? When we consider that we are barely recovering from a pandemic, are you still holding people to the same expectations? Are we still expecting people to be at their best right now? These are just some of the challenges that our society is not equipped to deal with or maybe not empathetic enough to care about. 

Can we truly say that we are fair in love or have we simply decided- that we don’t have to be? History has revealed a constant pattern in relationships and it appears that with more status, independence and financial gain our options and choices towards relationships change with it.

With confidence, do we lose our willingness to compromise? I am normally optimistic, but if this is the case it can’t end well. 

Hopefully sooner than later we take a moment and ask ourselves: Are our freedoms allowing us to be so choosy that we have decided to not choose love at all?

About the writer:

Assata Akil is a World Traveler, Artist, Vlogger and Author of Ear Candy and Petty Cache. Assata lives in the Yucatán with her husband and two beautiful daughters. Next adventure pending.

Instagram: @loveandpuravidaa 

Youtube: Love is the Journey.

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