“Festival de las Animas” 2023 Celebration of Ancestors in Mérida

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The Festival of Souls, known as “Festival de las Animas,” is a grand celebration that commemorates the reunion with the dearly departed. This festival holds significant cultural and spiritual importance in Mérida and throughout the Yucatan region.

At the heart of the festival lies the iconic “Paseo de las Ánimas” or “Soul’s Parade,” which recreates the journey that souls were believed to take in ancient Mérida during these sacred days. The procession begins at the Cementerio General (General Cemetery) and winds its way to the Arco de San Juan (Arch of San Juan), following the footsteps of tradition while honoring the values and customs of the people of Mérida and Yucatan. 

Oct 27th Starting at 6:00 pm Paseo de Animas visitors can stroll through the streets of La Ermita and San Juan, where they can admire beautifully crafted altars, enjoy various performances throughout the evening, and immerse themselves in the traditions of Hanal Pixán like never before.

The Festival of Souls 2023 extends its festivities throughout the week, featuring a diverse array of activities, including:

  • October 25th 8pm Plaza Grande (Calle 60 x 61) Rodada de las Ánimas por Cicloturixes (The Soul’s Ride by Cicloturixes) : Hundreds of cyclists ride through the city center, dressed in thematic attire.
  • Oct 28th 10am Plaza Grande (Calle 60 x 61) Feria de la Miel (Honey Fair): A showcase and sale of apiary products from the local communities in Mérida.
  • Oct 28th 8pm Desfile de Catrinas (The Catrinas Parade): A captivating display of elegantly dressed Catrinas taking over the Paseo Montejo.
  • Visitas Guiadas al Cementerio General (Guided Tours of the General Cemetery): Offered at 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM daily (except on October 25th).
  • Oct 29th 9am to 9pm Plaza Grande (Calle 60 x 61) Altar Monumental (The Monumental Altar): Located at Plaza Grande, this grand altar pays tribute to the departed.
  • And much more!

During the Paseo de las Ánimas, Visit Mérida Mx will be present with a magnificent altar displayed at the kiosk of the Ermita de Santa Isabel. We cordially invite you to join us at this enchanting event and partake in the rich cultural tapestry of Mérida.

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