Merida Fest 2022

Get Ready for Art and Culture Merida Fest in January 2022

Announced this week the Merida Fest 2022 will be happening January 5th-23rd with both online and in person shows.
What is the Merida Fest?
Every January 6th, we celebrate the anniversary of Merida. This year marks the 480 year anniversary which kicks off a month long celebration of cultural and artistic events around the city known as Merida Fest. It is a fun and festive time where everyday there are many activities to take part in. The daily calendar is lined with theater, activities for children, art and music. 
It’s a perfect time to be in town where we are having the best weather, everyone is renewed with the energy of a new year and there are lots of inspiring free or low cost events for the public to enjoy. It gives the artists and performers a stage to create and share their talents. Each year we have local and international artists on stages across Merida and now, the city is in the process of putting together the calendar for this year. 
So, mark your calendar! Merida Fest 2022 is coming. For more details on where and when the performances will be stay tuned and we will keep you updated. Most likely information will be available in December.

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