Tourism Expo Yucatan 2021

Tourism Expo Open to Public on Friday 2pm

Tuesday officially started the 45th Tianguis Turistico in Yucatan where we saw President Manuel Lopez Obrador, Governor Mauricio Vila, National Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco Marquez, Secretary of Tourism Michelle Fridman, as well as other distinguished guests inaugurate the rebirth of tourism in Mexico. 

As Mauricio Vila pointed out this 45th edition of the Tiaguis Turistico has been planned three times and two times it had to be cancelled because of the pandemic.  November 2021 it was finally able to happen and people are buzzing with energy to get this huge industry and economic powerhouse back into action. 

Yesterday, we went by to check out all the happenings at Siglo XXI and the expo is in full swing with colorful and innovative booths from every state in Mexico. There are buyers from all over the world in meetings with the vendors to create new experiences for visitors to Mexico. Outside of the expo halls you can find an elaborate variety of Yucatecan restaurant stalls with some fantastic regional food as well as food from other states of Mexico. There is also a stage where we see dances from all over Mexico and a large area where artisans are displaying their crafts and Maya healers doing cleansing.

We caught up with Michelle Fridman, Secretary of Tourism for Yucatan and she spoke about the importance of this event: 

“We are seeing a rebirth of tourism, people in the industry are craving to recover what we lost during the pandemic, so it’s a new beginning for all of us and it’s amazing that Yucatan is the place where it is all beginning again.” 

Tianguis Turístico has representatives from 32 Mexican states, 936 companies, 40,048 services and a total of 56,543 business meetings have been scheduled for these 3 days. It’s a huge move forward for tourism in Mexico.

Open to the Public 

The event will be open to the public on the last day Friday, November 19th after 2pm. Anyone who would like to come will need to show their Covid vaccination card or have proof a negative Covid test within 48 hours of entering. 

Event at Siglo XXI Convention Center 

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