Local Galleries: Creative Spaces in Merida to Get Inspired

Mérida offers a wide variety of options to inspire and enjoy talented artists who share a particular way of seeing society and the world in multiple galleries around the city.

From bizarre to contemporary and modern art, you will find different forms of expression in these artistic spaces. Merida is coming up in the art world and it’s exciting to look at all the work the artists have to offer.

A historical fact! Did you know that in Mexico during the 1930s, the first art gallery was opened and administered by the government?

Here we love art, and galleries are spaces of inspiration that we enjoy the most. We recommend the following, where you can let your imagination run wild and get great inspiration.

Galería Secreta

A hidden space at the historic center of Mérida, with independent rooms and hybrid qualities between a museum, a cultural center, and an industrial space for art.

The first contact to schedule an appointment is by phone or on the Instagram account. They will guide you with clues that will reveal the mysterious secret location of the gallery.

“A 360 experience, I loved it”

Soho Galleries

SoHo Galleries is a place filled with art in a cozy space, located in the historic art district of Mérida. Here you can find national and international artists to love. 

“Cozy and pleasant gallery with excellent works of art” (4.7 google stars + 50 comments)


Galería Casa Colón

Pleasant place with exhibitions that go with a vision beyond painting. It is located on highway to Puerto Progreso, one of the most important tourist spots in Yucatan.

“Art in Mérida, I loved it” (5 google stars + 2 comments)

Lux Perpetua

This gallery has very interesting exhibitions of contemporary artists in a nice, well-lit space. We loved every moment we experienced here!


“Of my favorite galleries, the space is beautiful, the exhibitions are usually very interesting and the contemporary artists are relevant and are affordable” (4.6 google stars + 36 comments)


Centro Cultural La Cúpula

In this gallery you can spend hours enjoying the talent of artists with exhibitions that connect with different emotions. A place that promotes art and culture.

“It is a very beautiful place, the director is kind and wants you to be comfortable in the place. The exhibitions are very well curated” (4.6 google stars + 108 comments)

Galería Nahualli

A family of artists made good use of these spaces to show their creations with painting and sculpture. You can request an appointment where you will have the opportunity to visit the workshop where the family takes the freedom to be themselves and express their art. Recommendable!

“A beautiful house, Art Gallery, attended by its owners, warm hosts and incredible painters!! Highly recommended” (4.7 google stars + 86 comments)


Le Cirque Galeria

We loved the amount of talent found in a small place with a lot of love for art, a magical environment where you will experiment with unique pieces. They put you in a good mood!

“A small place with a lot of art, the pleasant atmosphere to visit” (4.6 google stars + 102 comments)


Galeria Urbana

In Paseo 60 there is a small gallery that exhibits some of Mexico’s most well-known artists. The original gallery is in Mexico City and is a place for high caliber art exhibits. The gallery at Paseo 60 is accessible by appointment only. If you are an art lover or collector, we definitely recommend visiting this space.

“Nice gallery located in Paseo 60”

El Zapote Art Gallery

Incredible exhibitions can be found in this beautiful gallery where you can chat with creative minds in an environment that will inspire you from all sides.

“Incredible display!! And super friendly owners!!” (4.9 google stars + 16 comments)


La Sala Art Gallery

Get ready to experiment with materials and techniques, and enjoy every moment in this gallery. It was a unique moment! Here you find many of the pieces by renowned visual artist Alfredo Romero Campos.

“Exhibition of contemporary art of the highest quality, with excellent attention. I bought a piece of art at a good price, without a doubt my favorite gallery in Mérida” (4.6 google stars + 26 comments)


Tag us on your social media and share your experience at the different art galleries in Mérida, we are sure that you will enjoy each one, do not forget to wear comfortable clothes, carry water and the desire to learn and enjoy the different experiences that Mérida offers you, a city full of art and culture.

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