Chile en Nogada & Pozole Time! Where to Eat Mexican Independence Day Dishes

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

UNESCO named Mexico cuisine a world cultural heritage treasure in 2017 which is a title that is shared only with France. The amount of dishes, ingredients and flavors you find in this country is astounding and during the month of September for the Mexican Independence Day celebrations it is a perfect time to experience the glory of Mexican food!

Although you really can’t go wrong when trying traditional dishes during this time of year, it is very popular around Mexico to to eat Chile en Nogada or Pozole .

What are these dishes?


Pozole is a hearty Mexican dish that originated with the Aztecs and other indigenous tribes in Mesoamerica. It is commonly enjoyed for events all year round. There are different types, red, green and white (like the flag) depending on the ingredients used.

Pozole is a stew or soup that is made traditionally using pork, although sometimes it can be chicken, and ‘hominy’, which is processed corn. The stew is slow-cooked and seasoned with a delicious combination of herbs and spices, and is typically topped with garnishes including shredded lettuce, onions, and lime juice.


Chiles en Nogada is an appetizing seasonal dish that is only be prepared between the months of August and September, when key ingredients such as pomegranate seeds and walnuts are in season.

Developed in the town of Puebla in the 18th Century by Catholic nuns, the dish also incorporates the colors of the Mexican flag (green, white and red) and is said to be one of Mexico’s most patriotic dishes. It’s made using one or two cooked and seasoned Poblano peppers stuffed with a delicate combination of hand chopped meat and sweet ingredients such as apple,  pear, dried fruit and then smothered in a delectable creamy walnut sauce and decorated with pomegranate seeds. The contrast of flavors and textures creates a unique flavor that Mexicans have celebrated for decades.

Where to eat these dishes in Merida?

Chile en Nogada

One of our favorites for Mexican food, Catrin is always festive and fun all year round, but especially during this time! Among their many dishes you can try from Mexico, they are serving Chile en Nogada for $319 pesos.

Calle 47 x 52 y 54
Open: 1pm till 12am
IG: @catrinmid

Chiles en Nogada

Salon Gallos is a cultural center and hot spot for dining, cinema, winebar, nightlife and culture located in an oatmeal factory from the 1930’s.  At their restaurant that serves Lebanese and Mexican influenced cuisine this month they are cooking up delicious Chile en Nogadas for $250 pesos. It’s a fun spot to keep in mind for the evening as well, they have DJ’s on the weekends and events during the month.

Calle 63 x 52 and 50
Open: 1pm-12am

Pozole & Chiles en Nogadas

El Remate serves Mexican food from all over Mexico and their cuisine is top notch. This month you can try their specialties of Chile en Nogadas and Pozole. But their entire menu celebrates Mexican gastronomy.

Calle 47 and Paseo de Montejo

Open 8am to 2am

Chile en Nogada & Chile Relleno

Mejico has dishes from every state in Mexico! They are a great place to be this September because of their wide variety of really tasty Mexican cuisine. It’s a casual atmosphere with great music and festive drinks! Of course on the menu will be Chile en Nogadas and Chile Relleno as their special for September!

Calle 60 x 47 Across from Santa Ana Park

Open: MWTH & Sun 5pm-11:30pm Fri & Sat 5pm-12:30am

Vegan Chile en Nogada & Pozole

During this time there are so many meat options, but for you vegans out there it’s not always easy to find an option. Now you can! At Vegan Inc. you can experience the flavors and culture with a Vegan version of Chiles en Nogada $260 and Pozole $210. 

Calle 47 x 60 Corner

Open: 1pm to 9pm Closed Sunday

Chile en Nogada & Pozole

Jumiles is located in the Harbor mall and has incredible Mexican gourmet food from all around the republic. For the special this month they will be serving Chiles en Nogada (until Sept 24) $380 and pozole September 15-18

The Harbor Mall in front of the fountain

Open MTW: 8am-12am. THF 8am-2am Sun: 8am-6pm

Chile en Nogada

Casa de Piedra Restaurant at Hacienda Xcanatun is a beautiful Yucatecan hacienda dining experience. Their restaurant services traditional Yucatecan food with some Asian fusion and this month their specials are the Chile en Nogada which will be served until September 24  it’s available from 13:00 a 22:30  $494 MXN includes a fresh juice.

Open 7am to 10:30pm

Chile en Nogada made with local sweet pepper

A lovely restaurant across from the La Plancha park, the concept is Mediterranean cuisine made with all local ingredients. This September they will be serving a local sweet pepper en nogada, a different twist on the traditional dish. Sounds good!

Calle 53 x 46 corner

Open Wed to Sunday 6pm-12am

Chile en Nogada & Pozole

Located in the town of Chicxulub Pueblo, this new restaurant is a must check out spot! They have breakfast, lunch and dinner and serve a variety of Mexican food.

This month they have Chiles en Nogadas and on September 15th they will celebrating with Mexican snack foods, sweets, esquites, marquesitas, pozole and you can watch the Grito in Mexico City, Live on TV!

Open: Breakfast 8am-12pm lunch 12:30pm to 8pm

Calle 21 x 30 y 32 Chicxulub Pueblo

Open: 8am-12pm & 12:30pm -8pm

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