MID City Local Craft Beer Favorite Taproom: Cuerno de Toro

I first tried Cuerno de Toro at a Club Sibarita beer tasting event in 2017. Their oatmeal stout was featured in the tasting and it was quite a hit among the guests. It is a full bodied stout with a touch of chocolate that reminded me of curling up by the Christmas tree during the holiday season.  Cuerno de Toro is a small brewery founded in 2015 by a young husband and wife team Bea Beatriz Ancona and Ovidio Suárez. They started out as many brewers do, in an extra room in their house with a big pot to try their hand at brewing beer.

Both Bea, a trained chef, and Ovidio, a cattle rancher from Tabasco, are avid craft beer lovers and wanted to try to make a quality product they could call their own.  Their beers have been widely accepted by the local beer enthusiast and soon they became a medium sized business and expanded their brewery to a warehouse in Conkal producing 800 liters monthly.

I have visited their brewery in Conkal a couple of times, where they spend a couple of days a week brewing beer. Their ingenuity always impressed me. They have created their own bottle sanitizer, and have welded tools to use in the brewing process. They label each bottle by hand, one by one, and are both enamored with the process. They call their brand Cuerno de Toro (Bullhorn) in homage to Ovidio’s roots of being part of a family of cattle ranchers.

During the pandemic business was tough especially because in Yucatan we had TWO stents of dry law.  But now they are getting back on their feet, with the extra challenge of making great beer and raising their new baby! Cuerno de Toro collaborates with local businesses and creates some of the best beer in town. You can visit them at their new taproom where they have several beers on tap and a great menu of foodie pub items. It’s a chill, authentic and fun environment. 

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