Rafaello’s Pizzeria Merida Yucatan

Rafaello’s Pizzeria​

Written by Harriet Sleath

I absolutely love Italian food. At home I regularly cook pasta dishes and mini pizzas. Pizza is often the go-to food when considering a takeaway and there’s plenty of delivery establishments to choose from in Mérida. There are the big chains, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Super Pizza and Little Caesar’s. However, I strongly believe that if you go for something a little more local you will find the best quality. And there are many family run pizza establishments in the centre of Mérida but one of my absolute favourites is Rafaello’s. Situated almost on the corner of 60 and 49 (close to other favourites Mercado 60 and new bar la Linda Mérida), Rafaello’s has been here for years and is well established with both locals and foreigners alike.

The selection of pizzas here is endless – the options take up 3 pages of the menu! There is most definitely something for everyone both vegetarian and meat loving. A couple of favourites from past visits include the Primavera pizza, Quatro Quesos and Rafaello’s pizza. The pizza comes out of the stone oven perfectly crisp and with a thin crunchy base. Sit outside and you can watch Rafaello himself prepare your pizza or enjoy the vibe inside.

Rafaello’s is a super relaxed atmosphere. The décor is simple but suitably Italian with various maps, framed pictures and posters and various other artwork.  It has an authentic small Italian town café feel to it with the benches and small wooden tables.

The air con is quite tiny and there are moments when, should the place be full and bustling, it can become a little warm. However, customers are always welcomed heartily by staff and food and drink is served to a very high standard.

The debate for the best pizza in Mérida will continue long into the future but I think Rafaello’s will be a true contender for some time to come. Fantastic value for money, great tasting, fresh pizzas and an overall very enjoyable Italian experience.

Need to know info:

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 18.00-24.00

Address: Calle 60 x 49 x 47

Contact: +52 9249943


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