Ya’axtal Park: Merida’s Lung Uniting Culture, Nature, and Fun in Mérida

March 20th, 2024

In the heart of the western part of Mérida, a large green city park project stands tall: Ya’axtal. This initiative, born from the combined efforts of the community and the government, crates a much needed green space for the citizens of Merida. It’s a nice place to go for a walk, run, bike ride, sit and ponder life or bring your dog and give him/her a place to play. 

A Collection of Unique Spaces

Ya’axtal is a multifaceted space composed of seven parks, each with its own essence and personality. From the impressive archeo-ecological park of Xoclán to the Municipal Extreme Sports Park, the diversity of experiences and landscapes is worth exploring. The project includes the Xoclán, Anikabil, Animaya, Extreme Sports and Ecological Parks of the West, covering Mulsay, Juan Pablo II, Bosques del Poniente, Nora Quintana, Yucalpetén, Madero and Ciudad Caucel.

Nature in its Splendor

As visitors venture into Ya’axtal, they are immersed in a world of natural beauty. Green spaces, fruit trees, and flowers come together harmoniously, creating freshness and life. You can see local fauna, such as birds and reptiles throughout the parks.

A Connection with History: Mayan Temple in the City

In the park you can find the largest Maya archeological site within the city limits. The Xoclán eco-archaeological park is part of Ya’axtal,  where approximately 30 pre-Hispanic structures were found, some of which can be seen today as they have been partially reconstructed.

A sacbé –“white path” built by the Mayas to connect their cities–also stands out. It is 12 meters long built with megalithic stones, which leads to a square or quadrant within the densest part of the archaeological zone. Researchers assume that it linked the city of Xoclán with Tho.

The dirt roads of this huge park are an attraction for those who practice cycling or simply for those who love to walk in an environment full of nature and vegetation.

If you are an adventure lover you can visit Ya’axtal and the Eco-archaeological park of Xoclán, preferably by bicycle and with comfortable clothes, in this way you will have great emotions without having to leave the city.

Sustainability and Well-being

The concept of sustainability permeates every corner of Ya’axtal. Here, respect for the environment and responsible use of natural resources are promoted. The combination of shade, comfort, and a pollution-free environment creates a welcoming and healthy space for citizens to enjoy and relax.

A Stage for Fun

Ya’axtal not only offers an encounter with nature and culture but also provides a meeting place for families, friends, and visitors of all ages come together to share experiences.

A Commitment to the Future

Ya’axtal is the result of joint work and citizen collaboration, representing a commitment to the well-being and quality of life of the inhabitants of Mérida. Finally the green spaces are being preserved and invested in. Check it out in your free time and see what the park has to offer. Find a quiet space in nature in the city.

How to Get There

Yaaxtal Park is about 5 kilometers from the Centro, so you’ll need to drive or grab your bike and be ready for a nice bike ride

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