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Healthy Living Merida, Yucatan How Vero Molina Cured My Gastritis

Written by Stephanie Carmon

This summer, I have been doing a “Steph Make-Over Summer”, which I think I will continue to do throughout the whole year because let’s face it—really every day we should be doing something to make ourselves over for better well-being. As part of my make-over, I contacted local nutritionist and healthy living influencer Vero Molina from Molinas Nutricion. Vero and her sister Fernanda have a nutrition practice on Prolongacion Montejo and they are a powerhouse team dedicated to educating people about health and happy living. I had met Vero at a breakfast for 100% Natural Restaurant when they were introducing their new menu to fitness and health influencers, and well…MID CityBeat. We hit it off right away while trying the different samples of whole wheat sandwiches and fruit platters, so I figured she would be the perfect person to help me jump start my make-over summer.

I decided to see Vero because my stomach had been out of whack for a while with gastritis. It got so bad one night I couldn’t swallow and went to pace in front of CMA (Centro Médico de Las Americas), just in case my whole throat swelled up and I passed out they could drag me into the ER and save me.  Although even I knew that was a bit dramatic and was giggling through my efforts to swallow, I did make a decision that I needed to get serious about stomach health.

On my first visit with Vero, who speaks English perfectly, she sat me down and we had a talk about my nutritional habits and what I like and don’t like to eat. Then she took all my measurements, as well as put me on her high-tech scale which can calculate all sorts of details about your body’s composition including the percentage of body fat, muscle, and the dreaded weight. We then went over what would be an appropriate diet for someone who needed to overcome gastritis and chronic acid reflux. To my surprise, she prohibited some of the veggies I usually eat such as lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and bell peppers all of which can irritate the stomach. Also, of course, I was taken off alcohol and caffeine which was very difficult at first I have to admit. She gave me a detailed nutritional plan by day and week including what to eat and what to steer clear of. She also had me do the food journal which really puts you in check because if you have to see what you are eating written down, you think twice about eating that brownie or drinking that third martini!

After a month of following her plan, I no longer had to take pills for gastritis. I also lost in 4 pounds, 6cm in the bust, 7cm in the hips, 2 centimeters in the arms and 3.7% body fat which is equal to 5 pounds less of fat. My results were incredible and I am proud to say I am one of Vero’s star students! I really have never felt better, the saying “you are what you eat” is absolutely correct.

The experience with Vero has been exceptional. She is a health advocate and will work with you and what you like to eat and adjust accordingly. The Molina sisters are top professionals at their game and also super fun to follow on Instagram and Facebook because they are charismatic and they also give you easy and tasty recipes as well as tips to stay fit and on course with your nutrition. If you need your own make-over after a summer of overindulging or you have a special diet need, we highly recommend checking out Molinas Nutrición. 

 For more information you can visit them at their Facebook and Instagram page:

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