Emsculpt Merida

Steph Tries Emsculpt Merida The Latest To Build Muscle And Lose Fat

Written by Stephanie Carmon

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Emsculpt Merida

Stephanie Carmon from MID CityBeat once again went to try the trendy Emsculpt machine from with Dr. Carmen Arjona at Verse Joven  clinic.

The EmSculpt is all the buzz in major cities around the world. Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to trigger supramaximal contractions. It makes your muscles contract 20,000 times per session basically making your body build muscle instantly and burn fat. 

The first time I tried the Emsculpt was in the summer of 2019 during my “Steph Make-Over Summer”.  I was trying to do an overall body and mind enhancement and went to several spas and health clinics in my quest to do so. One of those clinics was Verse Joven. I went to try the much talked about Emsculpt machine. Dr. Carmen Arjona, plastic surgeon, is the only doctor in town with the machine. It is especially for people who want to firm up some of those hard to firm places in the body. It is a non-invasive treatment that builds muscle and burns fat. 

The treatment consists of 4 visits 30 minutes each. During the summer visit, I had them work on my abdominal area. The machine contracts your muscles 20,000 times in 30 minutes. The sensation is very strange it’s almost as if you are taken to the point of having a muscle cramp, but them right before it cramps it eases up. Then after the contractions, the machine gives you a lactic acid tap so that you are not sore the next day. My results were pretty incredible. One month after treatment I had lost 7cm in my mid-drift. I know that specifically because I was also seeing a nutritionist at the time and she was an avid measurement taker! After three months were the peak results and I was super surprised to see my muscle marked at the top of my abdomen. 

The second time I did the treatment was in December and this time I went for my biceps and triceps. Again the results were quite noteworthy. My arms feel incredibly strong and my sleeves are no longer tight. The before and after pictures are impressive and I will look forward to see what the final results are in March. This is a great way to lost fat and strengthens the muscles in a safe and reliable way.  It is a good alternative for those who are looking for great results, but not wanting to risk surgery. 

Dr. Carmen Arjona is very knowledgeable and speaks fluent English. She is a super nice person and will make you feel very comfortable. Be sure to check out the videos of the process.  For contact information scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

Dr. Carmen Arjona

Verse Joven Clinica

Calle 54 # 364 R x 33-A y 35

Mérida, Yucatan

Call 999 943 4121


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