Pet Friendly spaces to go out with your best friend in Mérida

It is increasingly common to find pet friendly places to walk, play or have a pleasant moment with your pet, there are even areas that are exclusively for them in town.

In Mérida there are various places such as squares, restaurants, parks and beaches where you can spend an incredible day next to your pet.

Here are some places that you cannot miss when visiting Mérida.

A walk in the park

Visit the following public parks where your furry friend can hang out and spend a fun afternoon. We recommend you bring cash as you will find different street food spots with a variety of options to eat.

Pet Friendly Parks in Mérida:

Parque de las Américas

This beautiful park located in the García Ginerés neighborhood, here you can find different activities that you can do with your pet. They go from movies, reading, exercising outdoors all the way to enjoying its delicious marquesitas.

 Paseo de Montejo

Paseo de Montejo is a mandatory stop if you want to live the amazing experience of walking in an environment full of beautiful architecture, art and rich places to eat, from cafes, restaurants, bars, to even some adapted to arrive with your pet. Just make sure that the heat is not that bad and always carry water for you and your dog with you. 

On Sunday Paseo Montejo closes its streets to car traffic, to open the way to the bike route or “biciruta” in Spanish, a family activity that is super fun and a great place for pet lovers. We have actually nick-named the bici-ruta The Pure Bred Promenade!

Mercado 60

Located in the heart of downtown, it is an open-air market that offers a relaxed atmosphere, full of music and color. It has a pet friendly terrace where you can taste various gourmet food dishes with your pet, from Italian pasta to oriental food.

Remember that each space has specific regulations to follow and don’t forget to bring a bag to collect your furry friend’s waste. Now if what you want is music, food and different refreshing drinks to share with friends and pets, we recommend the following cafes, bars and restaurants:

Hennessey’s Irish Pub

The Irish pub and expat hang out where everyone knows your name and everyone loves your dog! You can chill and have a beer and great food and your pet will be a happy camper.

Bar La Negrita 

A Caribbean atmosphere, out of the ordinary with music to dance and enjoy an afternoon in one of the most popular places in the historic center.

Helados El Pirata

Enjoy a delicious ice cream with traditional flavors and others that are unusual but highly delicious, they have a terrace where you can spend time with your pet.

Kadus Café

Make your afternoon special with a delicious coffee, tranquility and your best friend at Kadus Café, here you can find hot and cold drinks and food prepared at the moment. The establishment has a terrace to share a special moment.

El Cardenal Bar

If your thing is to enjoy some refreshing drinks in a old fashioned atmosphere, El Cardenal is your destination. Being one of the oldest bars in the city, with live music and the best thing is, without losing the company of your faithful canine.

Casa Chica 

Located on Paseo de Montejo is “Casa Chica”, an emblematic place to have cocktails or eat with friends, not leaving out your furry friends, they have enabled areas, as well as a terrace and a cozy pet friendly atmosphere.


If you are looking to spend a sweet moment with your pet, Voltacafé could be a good option, with a delicious menu of sandwiches and pastries. In addition, they offer fresh water and welcome cookies for pets.

Avocado Vegetariano 

The fresh healthy places could not be missing from our list and in Avocado Vegetariano you can eat delicious and healthy while enjoying the company of the spoiled household.

El Apapacho

Nothing like tasting a homemade meal with a good flavor of Mexican home, and here at El Apapacho “Comida Nada Gourmet y Arte” you will not only eat delicious food, you will also find a lot of art and of course Pet lovers.

In Yucatan we can enjoy many days with the ideal weather to walk on the beach accompanied by our pets where we can enjoy movie-like sunsets, white sand for walking and/or exercising. We recommend some private beaches that you and your pet will love: 

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