MID CityBeat Discover Yucatan Launches Boutique Tours

MID CityBeat is excited to announce the official launch of the MID CityBeat Discover Yucatan: for the Cultured Traveller Group and Section of its website! We met expert guide Carlos Sosa when we were on set with CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg in January of 2021. Stephanie Carmon was asked be Greenberg’s co-host and liaison for the PBS Travel Detective edition that he was doing on Yucatan. It was then that Stephanie met Carlos Sosa, an expert guide in Yucatan. We are delighted to introduce Carlos to our readers. He is the guide that is called when an important international media outlet comes to the state to do a piece on Yucatan or when foreign universities are carrying out investigations in the area. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge about history, culture and wildlife of Yucatan, Campeche and Southern Mexico and is a lovely person to spend the day with. We are lucky to have him as our guide!

Since Greenberg’s visit, Carlos has been a recurring guest on MID CityTV being interviewed about many fascinating topics to help all MID City followers understand more about the place they love and live or want to visit.  

Now, we have officially launched in person boutique tours for the cultured traveller in Yucatan and Campeche. We have planned between 2-3 trips per month of 10-14 people maximum, where we will visit the wonderful sites that Southern Mexico has to offer. Each trip will be a unique experience that you only get with an inside contact. We will meet artisans, farmers, and Maya families with captivating histories and stories to tell. We will have unique culinary experiences, see a plethora of wildlife and nature and get a beautiful inside look at Yucatan. Plus we will be able to meet like-minded people who want to share ideas and enjoy life’s simple and profound treasures. 

If you are interested in joining our group be sure to leave your email here:

Our First trip is coming on on September 25th its a Day Trip to Izamal, Cenote Xcanche and Ek Balam

For details on how to join this trip message us at: 

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