Service for Expats in Merida: Making Your Life Easier

Changing your country will always be a complicated task due to language barriers, customs and transactional methods that are often confusing at first, but with the necessary help you will be able to obtain everything you need when purchasing either a new or used property in Yucatan.

Mexican Time, Expat Services is an ideal option for foreigners who are coming to live or to invest in Yucatan and need guidance along the way. Sometimes it’s hard to wade through the turbulent waters of scammers and unprofessional service providers who don’t always deliver on the services promised. Newcomers can be at risk of having negative experiences because of lack of how things really work down here.

“No matter how complicated, no matter how silly or whatever your request, whether it’s looking for a house or supervising construction, or renting your house, come to us, and we take care of everything.”

— Adam Hoggie, Mexican Time, Expat Services

Adam, founder of Mexican Time Expat Services in Merida is a native Australian who has put together a team that can expedite property purchases, home inspections, cover transportation needs, as well as keep immigration and legal issues under control.

Communication with local service providers is essential to obtain a good price-quality ratio when hiring any service in Yucatan.  Adam has a lot of experience working with local providers and saw the opportunity to help expats who have come to live in the city.

“I just want to give foreigners new to Merida an easy, one-stop shop”.

Among the most requested services are:

Property Services:

Whether you are buying, selling or looking to rent a property in Mérida, Mexican Time can help you with contacts within the real estate industry and the legal services field. 

Car rental services:

If you are visiting Merida and need to get around, it is a good idea to rent a car, as Yucatan is quite large. Mexican Time Expat Services rents cars daily, weekly and monthly with no deposit and full coverage insurance. Their daily prices start at $800 pesos for an economical car and $1350 for luxury sedans such as Mercedes or BMWs. The more days you have a car, the better the price. 

To contact Mexican Time, Expat Services for more information go to: 

Let Mexican Time Expat Services make your experience in Yucatan a good one! 

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