5 Yucatan Beaches for a Private Getaway

Although the Yucatecan Riviera doesn’t get as much attention as the Caribbean or Pacific beaches of Mexico, the gulf beaches here are absolutely stunning, especially in the summer. You have spectacular sunsets and the clear waters are calming and beautiful. 

Today we will tell you about 5 beautiful beaches, in addition to the most popular ones such as Progreso, Sisal and Chicxulub. If you want to know more detailed information about Progreso, we invite you to visit our previous blog with more information about this fascinating destination. http://midcitybeat.com/discover-yucatan/

What makes these coastal paradises in Yucatan different is the privacy offered. They are small fishing villages with fresh seafood, magical nights and eco-friendly experiences ranging from visits to cenotes, springs and local guided tours.

Before starting, we recommend that you plan your route well and take everything you need:

  • Sunscreen above 50 fps
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Glasses and cap
  • Cash
  • Towels
  • Sandals 

You can get to any of these beaches by public transportation from the historic center of Mérida or by car (if you need to rent a car https://www.facebook.com/mexicantimeMID is a great option) we recommend renting a car to enjoy the adventure to the fullest. 

Below we give you 5 beaches for you to enjoy during your stay in Yucatan. In most of them you can camp outdoors, just remember to pick up the garbage before you leave!

#1 Chuburná Puerto

A small fishing port of approximately 2,800 inhabitants, here you will find different entrances to secret beaches throughout its length to enjoy privacy with friends, a partner or family.

How to get to Chuburná port by bus?

By bus, go to the Autoprogreso terminal on C.62 between 65 and 67 Centro, from there, when you arrive at the port, board a combi that will take you to Chuburná, just 25 minutes from Progreso.

One of the most popular places in Chuburná Puerto is the beach where there are areas to take spectacular photos, a quiet beach, fresh air and a large space to camp under the stars. Do not forget to bring an extra battery for cell phones since there are no nearby charging areas.

Playon de Chuburná Puerto

Also in Chuburná is the Playon de Chuburná which is a huge long beach with a lot of space and sand. It’s at the very end of the road in Chuburná (check map below)  It gets packed on the weekends, but during the week, especially in the mornings it’s a great time to visit and go for a long walk and swim. Also you can take your dog, they would love to run that beach too.

Camp under the stars with complete peace of mind, the port of Chuburná has security that visits the camping sites to protect all campers. You will also find different Airbnb options, accessible hotels and boutiques. Let me know if you need help finding one. 

For lunch, we recommend Los Delfines restaurant, a delicious option to snack on Yucatecan snacks and fresh seafood.

Restaurante los Delfines


#2 Dzilam de Bravo

Just 2 hours from Mérida there is the fishing village of Dzilam de Bravo, where you can enjoy cabins, camping areas and different lodging options in local hotels.

One of its most important tourist attractions are the boat rides where you will visit cenotes, open water springs, snorkel and flamingo sightings.

You can use the bus transport that takes you directly to the port, you can take it at Calle 67 x 50 y 52 Centro

Unmissable during your visit in Dzilam de Bravo

  • Kayak tour through the Bocas of Dzilam, a place where the sea and the river come together.
  • Visit the Xbuya Ha freshwater spring. 
  • Bathe in the Elepetén cenote, located within the mangroves and the Yucatecan jungle with unique flora and fauna.

Restaurante Mama Chonchi


#3 El Cuyo

Considered the last port of Yucatan, located near the border with Quintana Roo. El Cuyo is a picturesque fishing town that is positioning itself among tourists from Mexico and the world for its white-sand beaches, and calm waters in an environment full of calm and unforgettable sunsets. Personally, it is one of our favorite spots since it is a virgin beach, there is little commerce and noise. It’s perfect to turn off your devices and completely disconnect.

Enjoy a day in El Cuyo disconnected from technology and the world.

  • Walk the pier, breathe fresh air
  • Rent a golf cart to tour the port
  • Visit the urban art on different harbor walls
  • Enjoy a beautiful view at the Lighthouse of the port

Here you can find airbnb of different prices for themed accommodations such as the blue house, popular in this area.

How to get to El Cuyo by bus?

First, you have to get to Tizimín and from there take another bus to Cuyo, to get to Tizimín you can go to the bus station in the center, Calle 67 between 50 and 52, then when you arrive, ask at the same station to go to El Cuyo.

Bus terminal:

#4 Río Lagartos

A beautiful beach located in the east of Yucatan where you will find a great diversity of flora and fauna characteristic of the area, here you can also live eco-friendly experiences to learn more about the history and beauties offered by this port close to one of the tourist attractions of Yucatan globally recognized; The popular Coloradas that dazzle all tourists for their particular pink color of the water.

Restaurante El Perico Marinero


#5 San Crisanto

Sea water in different shades, secluded beaches where you can camp and flamingo sightings during the afternoons are part of the experiences you will enjoy in San Crisanto. We invite you to live moments of total relaxation and connection with yourself on these peaceful beaches.

A destination just 1 hour from the city of Mérida and close to other most popular beaches in the state, its streets are full of palm trees with a unique visual spectacle that you will love.

During your visit to San Crisanto do not forget the following:

  • Visit the mangroves and cool off in the freshwater spring on a tour that will take you deep into the Yucatecan jungle.
  • Enjoy its uncrowded beaches to contemplate the view and tranquility that will make you fall in love with Yucatan.
  • Community tour to the salt flats with pink waters and coconut plantation.

If you head to any of these beaches, share your adventure with us, and tag us on social networks so that more people know the wonders of the beaches of Yucatan. See you on your next adventure through these beautiful Mayan lands!

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