The Colors of Maya: A 7-Day Women’s Retreat Connecting with Your Inner Rainbow in Acanceh, Yucatán

Women’s Retreat: Connecting with Your Inner Rainbow
OCTOBER 22-28, 2024

In the heart of Mérida, amidst the vibrant culture and rich history of the Yucatán Peninsula, women will come together from around the world to connect with each other and their creative selves and disconnect from their daily lives. This retreat offers more than just relaxation; it invites guests to rediscover themselves through art and exploring their inner child. It will deepen the connection with color, unleash creative potential, and rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.

Why Color?

Ann Trinca, one of the organizers,  tells us that color is a form of energy that can influence us physically and psychologically. Her personal fascination with color began early but truly blossomed into a calling during the pandemic. To stay calm and positive during the lockdowns, she started taking “Color Walks” through her neighborhood, focusing on specific colors like lavender or maroon and capturing photos of anything she found in those hues. After each walk, she noticed her mind felt clearer and her anxieties lessened. This experience led her to delve into color therapy, realizing the profound impact color appreciation and understanding can have on wellness and creativity.

What Will the Women Be Doing?

Each morning starts with a 30-minute meditation focusing on different energy centers in the body. Abuela Monica leads a ceremonial blessing on the first day. In the afternoons, participants engage in simple creative activities designed to promote mindfulness and enjoyment. Through the Green Maya Project, the retreat includes a private, sacred cenote visit and a sound bath experience. Excursions to Mérida include visits to artist studios and opportunities to savor Mayan cuisine. Participants also connect through a portrait photography session and other activities aimed at fostering mutual appreciation. All meals and experiences are included in the program.

Honing Your Inner Artist

Art instructor Kristina Young will demonstrate how to create beautiful books and fill them with neurographic drawings, sketches, and nature prints. Participants will also visit the studio of Ernesto García Sánchez in Mérida for a “creation workshop” and learn to take portraits of each other in a photography class with Ann Trinca.


The sanctuary is nestled in Hacienda Tepich, an 18th-century estate just 25 minutes from Mérida.

Who Are the Coordinators?

Ann Trinca, Curator & Photographer

Kristina Young, Artist & Instructor

Irina McGrath, Meditation Teacher

(Include team bios here)

Mexico’s vibrant cultural heritage and deep connection to nature provide an enriching backdrop. From the coastal beaches to the lush jungles and colorful traditions like Dia de los Muertos, Mexico pulses with life and energy. This retreat invites participants to tap into this dynamic energy and experience the magic of Mexico firsthand.

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