Merida Fest Closing Night: Inheritances: Yahal Kab 45 Years of Music

This grand night of music and Yucatecan tradition is not to miss! On the closing night of the Merida Fest at Santa Lucia Park, there will be an incredible show for the whole family.

8:00 PM
Location: Santa Lucía Park
Address: 55th Street x 60, Downtown
Cost: Free event

The Yahal Kab Group celebrates its 45 years of artistic trajectory by performing songs from the Latin American popular songbook, Yucatecan troubadour, and Cuban son, in a musical dialogue in three tempos. 

During the first set, there will be songs from great South American composers such as Víctor Jara, Cesar Isella, Eduardo Carrasco, Alberto Favero, and the great Chilean composer Violeta Parra. 

During the second set, very significant songs of Yucatecan troubadour images by great composers such as Guty Cárdenas, Pepe Domínguez, Pastor Cercera, Juan Acereto, and Jorge Buenfil.

During the third set, Cuban Son makes its appearance, which has been part of their repertoire for more than 25 years. Set to the rhythms of composers like Miguel Matamoros, Compay Segundo, Roberto Faz, Guillermo Portabales, Ñico Saquito, and Pablo Milanés. 

Members and guest musicians: Ricardo Vega – Direction, guitar, and vocals Álvaro Vega – Flute Ricardo Vega Ojeda – Bass Lázaro González – Vocals Franklyn Brooks – Trumpet Ignacio Vicente – Congas, Peruvian cajón Noe Vega – Bongos Macky Pínzón – Guest, vocals Osley Santana – Guest, Cuban tres. For the whole family.

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