The Powerful Performer Chula the Clown & Costume Designer Valentina Muñoz in Merida

Art, music, fashion, and theater all intertwine within the upcoming exhibitions and performances. In collaboration with the La Cúpula Cultural Center, the Palace of Music Patronage is proud to present the following upcoming events:

In El Palacio de la Musica March 14th 8pm

March 14th join us for an unforgettable show at the Palace of Music Auditorium on March 14, featuring the performance:

"Perhaps, Perhaps... Quizás" Chula the Clown

Perhaps, Perhaps… Quizás” is a clown piece that plays with the idea of waiting and the illusion of finding the “perfect” man, and the loneliness that this leads to when our nature is so imperfect. In an era where time pressure and lack of hope in ourselves are imminent, our protagonist Greta rehearses once a week for the big day, the wedding day. Will she be lucky tonight? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

About the artist:

Gabriela Muñoz completed her studies in Physical Theatre in London (LISPA London International School Performing Arts) and at the School of Physical Theatre. She has experience in theater, circus, and opera, and inspired by these three languages, she creates her own universe. In 2010, she created the clown show “Perhaps, Perhaps… Quizas,” presenting it in Germany, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, the Arctic Circle, China, Colombia, Spain, the United States, Finland, France, Georgia, Great Britain, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Sweden. In 2016, she won the award for Best Performance and Best Show at the New Zealand Fringe Festival.

La Cúpula Cultural Center

March 13 Inauguration of the exhibition:  “Birds in the Head” Valentina Muñoz (costume designer of the character Greta performed by Gabriela Muñoz) 

From March 13-April 12t

Valentina Muñoz’s artistic work centers around the body on stage, which serves as a storytelling medium that captivates and communicates with the audience. Her work, exemplified in “Pájaros en la cabeza,” transcends traditional theater by transforming costumes and props into symbolic birds, inviting audiences to explore their desires and transform into beings capable of flight. This artistic journey, influenced by various art forms, encourages individuals to embrace their narratives, reflecting a powerful and timely message in contemporary society.

March 14th 12:30-2:30pm

Masterclass “Creative Complicity for Fantastic Characters” with VALENTINA and CHULA THE CLOWN, at the La Cúpula Cultural Center! During this event, you will explore the exciting process of creating costumes that bring to life the characters of the clown universe, created by Gaby Muñoz, and what makes them so unique. From the initial conception of the idea to the final execution of the costume and set design, you will learn creative techniques, discuss creation methodologies through play and experimentation to create the complete aesthetic and outfits that highlight the singularity and magic of each character. And you will review all the shows we have collaborated on together. 

To reserve your spot, please contact me at 5523537896 or write to Instagram @patronatopalaciodelamusica.

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