The Tunich Fair July 28-Aug 6: A Journey into Artisanal Tradition in Yucatán

Wednesday July 19

In the picturesque community of Dzityá, located just 24 kilometers from the city of Mérida, lies a cultural treasure: a rich artisanal tradition dating back to 1890. Here, the skillful hands of artisans work diligently with stone and wood, creating magnificent pieces of art.

The Tunich Fair is the flagship event that celebrates this wonderful artisan heritage. In its second edition, to be held from July 28th to August 6th, 2023, this magical gathering promises to immerse visitors in the authenticity of Yucatecan culture and tradition.

A Celebration of Artisan Excellence

The Tunich Fair was born as an initiative of citizen participation, organized by the community of artisans in Dzityá. With each edition, the event has grown in significance and prestige, positioning itself as the most important Artisan Fair in southeastern Mexico.

Over 10 days, the Fair will be a vibrant space where master artisans showcase their expertise and talent in creating unique, high-quality products. From vases, candelabras, and jewelry boxes to chairs, doors, and fountains, the artisanal products in stone, wood, filigree, and textiles will offer a wide variety of choices for visitors.

A Cultural and Economic Gathering

In 2022, the Fair attracted over 100,000 people during its 10-day run, generating an economic impact of $5,813,855.00. This year, organizers expect to surpass these record figures with the participation of 150 artisans presenting their masterpieces.

The Tunich Fair will also feature participants from other communities in Mérida, such as Valladolid and Ticul, as well as guest states including Michoacán, Guanajuato, and Veracruz. Additionally, there will be an exhibition showcasing the work of 5 master artisans from San Antonio Millet (Tixkokob), Izamal, Xocchel, and Mérida, further enriching the cultural offering of the event.

Unique Experiences and Flavors

In addition to delighting in the magnificent craftsmanship, attendees can indulge in a wide gastronomic selection led by local cooks from the community of Dzityá. The Fair will also offer free transportation from the Main Square of Mérida and will provide parking facilities in the area, managed by local community members.

The Tunich Fair is an event of LIVING CULTURE, preserving and sharing traditional techniques that result in quality and authenticity. It also celebrates THE RETURN TO ORIGINS, paying homage to the founding master artisans who, in 2001, initiated this beautiful tradition.

Immerse Yourself in Yucatecan Tradition at the Tunich Fair

The Tunich Fair offers an experience that transcends the barriers of time, connecting us with the cultural roots of Yucatán. Join this encounter with artisanal tradition, acquire unique pieces, and support the local community. We invite you to join us from July 28th to August 6th in Dzityá for an unforgettable experience!

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