Xicalico: A Design Center & Ideal Decor For Your Home

Xicalico opened last year and has quickly become one of Merida’s most popular stores for Interior and exterior designs and decor.  Xicalco is a design house with an interior designer and architect on staff and fascinating signature pieces for your home.  They hand pick products from all over the world including pottery, wall decorations, furniture, details for all rooms, photography and more. It’s a playground for those who like to buy special pieces for their house or special space. It is also a great place to get a gift. 

They have two locations: ​

The Plaza right below Faro Hospital


This was their first location that opened up a year ago. It has two floors and features lovely couches and furniture, pottery, throw pillows, decorations for the walls and shelves, some personal items such as custom made hats as well as jewelry. Because of its location in the north part of town, on your way to La Isla Shopping Center, it’s been a favorite place for home decor for many living on the north end of the periferico. It’s easy to find.

Casa Tho at Paseo Montejo


The branch at Casa Tho just opened up and has an ideal location right on Paseo de Montejo. In this store, many people from the foreign community living in Merida as well as tourists come in to check out the various items of decor as well as gifts to travel with. Here they have plates, mugs, smaller decorative pots, adornments for shelves, some furniture and more. It’s a fun store to browse and shop for all occasions.

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