Rosas y Xocolate & Maya de Asia: A Taste of Elegance and Gastronomy in Merida

In Merida we are having a gastronomic boom and here are two restaurants from the same company that are worth visiting when coming to town.

Rosas & Xocolate Hotel Boutique and Spa

Rosas & Xocolate Hotel Boutique and Spa is one of Merida’s most well-known boutique hotel because of its perfect location on Paseo de Montejo, the several awards it has won, including Food and Travel award for Best Urban hotel in Mexico,  and the fact that it is a large pink building that draws your attention as you pass-by. It is also known for its fabulous restaurant headed by Chef David Segovia which is frequented by both guests and locals when they want to have a special meal out. The Moon Lounge Rooftop Bar or the outside ground floor deck features live jazz with incredible musical talents such as Mauricio Bonfilio`s Jazz Sensitive. I hear the music from the street sometimes as I walk by any Thursday through Saturday evening and many nights, I can’t resist going in to have a drink or something to eat and listen to the music. It’s enchanting and good for the soul. 

The restaurant features international cuisine and it is a top recommendation for breakfast, lunch or dinner. On Sunday mornings you can have breakfast or brunch overlooking Paseo de Montejo while listening to live jazz. 

Live Jazz Music

Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 9-11pm sometimes you can catch it on the Rooftop Terrace overlooking Paseo de Montejo and other times downstairs in the outdoor patio.

Breakfast Jazz from 10am-12pm in the outdoor patio facing Paseo de Montejo. 

Open Hours: 8:00am -12pm everyday  


Maya de Asia

A great restaurant in the north end of the city, Maya de Asia is a hotspot of cuisine and ambiance on the gastronomic scene in Merida. Located in the Harbor shopping center, the food is very good. It’s a fusion of Asian and Mexican/Yucatecan which makes for a creative and quite delicious combination. It has an elegant dining area, an outside area, a bar to sit, a more casual inside dining room and a sushi/appetizer bar with hip music! It’s a large space and every detail was well thought out. It’s classy and chic. 


You find unique dishes such as shrimp kibis, wok dishes, sushis, pad thai and fried rice. To begin they start you off by putting on the table a chaya, queso de bola dip with pita bread made with recado negro. On our last visit As an appetizer we had chaya hummus. The main course was grilled octopus on a bed of small potato squares and we tried the smoked sushi roll. For dessert was a phenomenal torta de cielo with almonds and walnuts, maracuya ice cream, grapefruit and jamaica in a syrup.


Promo MID City if you let them know you are a follower of MID City you will get a complimentary welcome drink.

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