A MID City Hot Spot: Japanese Pop Culture Grab & Go Fusion Restaurant Kofuku

A dark kitchen concept and Japanese and latino fusion, this small spot exceeded all expectations! It is truly a great find for lunch or dinner. It’s a quaint place with a Kusama vibe. Decorations from Japanese pop culture adorn the place and you can even put a wish on a paper and pin it to the wall. You can find Asian snacks and sodas and can grab them to take or eat with what you order. 

Taking inspiration from Japan’s culinary capital, Osaka, the psychedelic pop art of Yayoi Kusama, and the charming TV culture (80s) of the Land of the Rising Sun, they have created a vibrant and laid-back vintage Japanese gastronomic corner, no formalities, with a modern, chaotic, eclectic, and hypnotic concept of yōshoku street food (Japanese-Western fusion cuisine).

Kōfuku is a small grab & go (self-service) restaurant that offers delicious Japanese-style burgers, sushi rolls, hirata buns (baos), Izakaya snacks, and many other Japanese-Latin American fusion dishes, such as the original and famous sushitaco. 

We tried the chingon sushi taco which was amazing with a algae crunchy tempura tortilla with rice and filled with salman, atun, avocado, sour cream, pico de gallo, green onions, sesame seeds, kimchi sauce and avocado sauce! And another favorite was the Okonomiyaki, a tortilla pancake with shrimp! Everything is like a fun surprise, a mix of flavors that strangely work together to perfection. 

The concept of Kōfuku was conceived by the same creators and founders of the first sushi bar chain in Madrid, SushiOlé (2004), Sushi House Mallorca, as well as other successful establishments in Miami, Britain and other cities. Their Sushi Taco “El Chingon” (which is on the menu here) won the award in Britain for the Best Takeaway. Their innovation and creativity led them to be recognized by the culinary industry in the United Kingdom, highlighting the creation of the Sugoi JPN concept and their famous noritacos. 

The passion for culinary excellence is reflected in numerous accolades. They have been honored with awards such as:

🥇 TOP 5 sushi bars in Madrid – ABC 🥇 

  • Best takeaway chef in Britain – The British Takeaway Awards
  • Finalist for the best takeaway in London – The British Takeaway Awards
  • Takeaway of the year in London – The Food Awards
  • Finalist for The Good Food Awards UK
  • Third place in the Street Food Championship – H2O London
  • Shortlisted for Love Local Awards – Time Out London

They also have other dark kitchens being served from the Kofuku kitchen so stay tuned for more fun combos and inventive flavors for a sneek peak of that concept clic here:

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