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Tour the Yucatan with One of MID CityBeat's Favorite Adventure Gurus

When you come to visit Yucatan there are some specific guides we recommend for you in order to get a great adventure and experience. Alberto Swain is one of our top recommended guides and who we deem as our “cenote guru”. Whether you want to take a leisurely trip or an adventure filled extravaganza Yucatecan style, Swain is your guy. He brings not only knowledge, but positive energy to your trip. You are in great hands! He also puts your health first and is following all Covid19 protocols to ensure a fun and safe exploration of Yucatan.

Who is Alberto? Let’s hear it from him.

My name is Alberto Swain and I would love to be your host and show you why I love Yucatan.  First, it has been my home for most of my life: I was born in Cambridge (UK) but I came to Yucatan when I was six months old.  I have had the fortune to live in one of the most beautiful and unique places on the planet.  One of my biggest passion is deep water free diving and I am so lucky to be surrounded by amazing cenotes that allow me to do that.  I love anything outdoors and Yucatan offers everything from amazing adventurous activities to beautiful haciendas, from white sand beaches to unique cenotes (of course, my favorite part).  Yucatan offers culture, music, amazing food, and wonderful energy. I love and appreciate everything of this magical land and it is my goal to make sure you do too!


Prices vary because the tour is personalized. If you are interested in getting a quote be sure to use the promo code: MID City. For info message here. 

Cancellation Policy

We kindly ask that you give us a minimum of 48 hours if you must cancel. A No Show is not only a loss for me but for other guests who may desire my services. Thank you.

 Covid-19 Preventive Measures

  • All our tours are private so you don’t have to worry about traveling with people you don’t know.
  • Tour guide will always wear a mask and will always bring antibacterial gel for personal use and to share with you.
  • The car will be sanitized before every tour.
 Where will Swain take you? 

Alberto’s designs his trips according to what you would like to see. He has adventure trips where you can explore Cenotes and dive from high cliffs into the sacred ancient Mayan waters or you can slowly walk to the waters and wade in. He can take you to mangroves, Mayan ruins, cenotes, the beaches and more. Check below to learn about some of his favorite centoes and some of the other places you can explore with him.


Alberto Swain Tours Yucatan
Alberto Swain Tours Yucatan
Alberto Swain Tours Yucatan
Here are some of the Cenotes he recommends: 


Yucatecan cenotes are sinkholes that are unique formations in the world and they are surface connections to subterranean fresh water bodies in the Yucatan plain. For the Mayans, the cenotes were sacred spaces where they would perform sacrifices and rituals. From ancestral times, the cenotes were of great importance for the Mayans and they were considered portals or windows into the underworld of the dead called Xibalba. Do not miss the opportunity to refresh yourself and feel renewed in these sacred waters of the Yucatan!

Yaal Utzil

Yaal Utzil is an open-type cenote, which has a 12-meter long staircase to access the water. The color of the water is blue and measures 25 meters long by 39 meters wide and a maximum depth of 49 meters. It has two platforms to jump into the wáter, one 3 meters high and the other approximately 10 meters.

Inside, some vessels and feline bones (possibly jaguar) have been found. It has long been the natural pool of the settlers and their water supply.

Cenote Kankirixche

It is a semi-open type cenote, it has a ladder and wooden platform to access the water. The color of the water is blue and measures 25 meters long by 15 meters wide and a maximum depth of 50 meters and a minimum of 2 meters. Inside it has a cavern at 50 meters deep, with wide underwater galleries and good visibility. Its currently used for tourism, with optimal conditions for swimming and diving.

Cenote Xbatún

This cenote is an open type. It is very popular for taking pictures and has a special scenic view due to the roots of trees hanging above the cave entrance.

It has a stone staircase of approximately 20 meters. The color of the water is blue and measures 5 meters long by 25 meters wide and a maximum depth of 20 meters. It is suitable for swimming and diving. It also has a long underwater cavern, great for exploring.


It is a semi-open type cenote, where to reach the body of water you descend by a masonry staircase. The water is crystal clear and in the deepest parts it turns a blue color. The water mirror is 25 meters long and 15 meters wide, with a minimum depth of approximately 1 meter and a maximum of 30 meters. This cenote has a beautiful cave that requires the use of scuba equipment.

Nah Yah (Nayáh)

It is a semi-open type cenote, with about 10 meters to reach the waters surface, You will descend a wooden staircase that facilitates the entry to the cenote from a platform where you access the water. The color of the water is blue, and its mirror measures 22 meters long by 24 meters wide and a maximum depth of 27 meters.

Its current use is tourism, swiming, diving and observation. It is one of the main cenotes used for diving activities because of the accessability, it is ideal for beginners.


Imagine to travel back in time to the colonial era and breathe the atmosphere of economic prosperity that lived in the Yucatan Peninsula. The boom of the haciendas is reflected throughout the southeast of the republic with high demand and production of the much sought-after henequen plant (species of the agave also known as “green gold”). The haciendas have been an important part of the history of the Yucatan and today they are converted into small paradises for the enjoyment and rest of its visitors. The henequen haciendas are a place where nature and the history of the Yucatan are in perfect symbiosis.

Alberto Swain Tours Yucatan
Archaeological Sites

Travel back in time among stunning ancient Mayan temples. Marvel at the monumental urban conception, the impressive architecture and the artistic ornamentation. Above all, be amazed at the mystical and scientific knowledge developed by this incredible civilization.

Alberto Swain Tours Yucatan
Nature Reserves

Celestún is an Eco-touristic paradise in the state of Yucatán, 95 km east of Merida. Many are the natural attractions you can find here: the Cambay Spring, a fresh water spring that bubbles up in the mangroves; the Island of the Birds, where you can enjoy an amazing variety of birds and the Tambor, home of the Pink Caribbean Flamingos, the only known population in North America. Celestun flamingos are the pinkest in the world, due to the concentration of carotene in the water. They can be seen in their natural ecosystem on board of boats guided by locals. You will navigate the Ría de Celestún, where flamingos go for food and rest. The best time of the year to see them is from December to March.

Río Lagartos and Las Coloradas

This is another great getaway from the city to enjoy beautiful nature.

Activities in the area:

Bird Watching

As in Celestún, flamingo sighting is also possible here; the best time to see them in this part of Yucatan is from January to September. In addition to the flamingos, you can also see other birds such as herons, pelicans and storks.

Mayan bath

It is a section of water with large amounts of sulfur, minerals and salts, and it is said to have great benefits for your skin. You can go to this natural mud bath and cover your skin to exfoliate it, your skin will feel incredibly soft and clean.

Pink Lake

It is one of the most spectacular areas of Ría Lagartos thanks to the beauty of its pink colored sea. The sea gets its beautiful color due to the high concentration of salt and microorganisms. Seeing this wonder of nature will make you fall in love with Yucatan even more!


One of the most beautiful beaches in Yucatan, an ideal place for those looking to relax and be at one with nature. Here you can enjoy different activities such as a tour in the mangroves, snorkeling and diving in the Sisal reef. Or you can just relax on the beach and eat delicious seafood at one of the many restaurants with ocean view.


The Historic City of Mérida

Merida is the second oldest city in Mexico, founded in 1542 on the remains of an ancient Mayan settlement originally called Ichcaanziho (which means “five hills”) and later called Tho. Merida is distinguished for its traditions, culture, friendly people, picturesque neighborhoods, delicious regional foods as well as luxurious restaurants with local, national and international food, local markets and also modern shopping centers. At all times you can admire the beauty this city has to offer. Get lost walking around the colorful streets, where each corner combines the magic of the past with the modernity of the present. This city has everything you could ask for to make your visit an unforgettable experience!

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Alberto Swain Tours Yucatan

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