Holistic Experience in Valladolid, Yucatan: Zentik Project Spa, Restaurant & Hotel

Friday August 25, 2023

Wednesday I came out with a group of people from Merida to the town of Valladolid, to have a holistic experience at the lovely hotel Zentik Project & Spa. 

Located in the the town of Valladolid, Zentik Holistic SpaIs a hotel that is known for its spa, and experience of connecting; it’s a space for love and is perfect for a romantic getaway.  The underground artificial cave filled with warm salt water is one of the highlights. In the cave they offer a magical place where they do various treatments and experiences. The hotel is a small oasis of nature where you will find colorful murals and art installations throughout the grounds,  melipona bee apiary, a small turtle sanctuary, and lush vegetation. As you wake up in the morning you hear running water and birds. They also have a lookout where you can climb to the top and watch the sunrise and spectacular sunsets.

At the hotel there are 12 rooms in palapa style decorated with murals on the walls, a really comfortable bed, bathroom with good water pressure and a sitting area. There is also high speed internet. 

They have a restaurant with excellent food both regional and international. In the morning they bake fresh bread and many people come from all over just to eat at the restaurant. Near the pool area they have just installed the Oh La La tea house, where you walk into what seems like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, it is painted in black and white and with a 3D effect. It’s pretty cool. They invite you in to have tea and crumpets and other goodies served on fine dishes. 

There is a pool with hammocks to lounge around as well and several palapas where you can relax, work if you need to, or just have a drink. 

Zentik is also known for its incredible holistic experiences that this weekend we experienced to the maximum. 

In the morning we woke up to do Yoga class, then we all headed to the pool area to try the ice plunge baths. It was the first time I had done an ice bath and it was incredible. The first 20-30 seconds it’s a shock to the body and its hard to catch your breath, but after that I was able to settle into a rhythm and it was an extremely calming feeling that flooded over my body. I stayed in for 4 minutes. 

Holistic Spa

After the ice bath we went down to the cave, immersed ourselves in the warm salt water and chose a spot to relax while a musician played 7 different wind and string instruments. It was beautiful. It lasted an hour and the experience was so calming and inviting.

In the evening we went back into the cave this time to experience a concert with a singer and guitar player. Some of the songs were meditative and others prompted us to move in the water and dance. It’s a great way to connect with yourself, with your partner and with the people around you.  

At the spa they also offer various treatments of massages and facials. 

The service and attention is excellent and Zentik Project is an absolutely recommended experience. Rooms start at around $3000 Mexican pesos a night and they offer a day pass for $1600. For more information you can visit their website at https://www.hotelzentik.com/


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