Paradas Continuas: A Must Visit Exhibition for Collectors and Art Enthusiasts in Merida

At the Edificio Torre there is a new exhibition called Paradas Continuas, beautifully curated by Alexa Torre, featured artist and photographer. It consists of seven Cuban artists and three Mexican artists all recognized internationally.


Paradas Continuas or Continuous Stops is the metaphorical journey on and off the city bus. With each stop, people board and disembark the bus, coming from or bringing a new experience or leaving one behind. It’s a voyage of constant flow, everyday people on their everyday ride through life. Each time one climbs back on the bus to their next destination they bring new emotions, loves, heartbreaks, passions, worries, excitement. 

With this exhibit, each artist interprets what their continuous stop looks like.


Installation of acrylic painting on MDF panel

Ernesto explores his journey through geometric shapes in 3D, leaving the spectator to follow along a labyrinthine path through life’s twists and turns. You find a beautiful paradox of structure  and fluidity.

“I am an animal from the workshop.”I dedicate my life to doing and not to narrating, to living from the observation and creative practice that happens every single day. I have been obsessed with synthesis the last twelve years from thirty two years of my life. Somehow I have built a filtered reality for myself, a space where only shapes and no characters inhabit. The elements of my work have no identity; they only exist without greater conflict.”

I have explored the world of geometry and fractals, and while doing that task each question leads me to another.” 


Installation on wood covered with felt

Sandra is a poet, visual artist, musician, filmmaker and a hotelier. She spends her time between Holbox and Merida. 

Her pieces in this exhibition explore circular patterns set against a flat or rectangular surface. This contrast in 3D plays with the dimensions of lines and shapes and one can see how the circle of life merges with the straight, solid and inflexible aspects of existence. The royal blue, hot red and baby blue make for a brilliant contrast in the various light of day. 

What inspires her? 

“The curiosity for life. I am also inspired by unity. I know I am a small particle of a wholeness that is making new things every day. Because, in the end, everything is the same when you live from a place of love, a healed and not a sick place. That more or less is what inspires me: to get out of the dream.”

Interview from

Alexa Torre, Yucatán

Holographic material that reflects the light of its ambiance 

Alexa’s work with holographic material in this exhibition reflects natural light in various ways, directions and tones. The perspective from which you look at her pieces determines what you see, as is along the journey of life. 

Alexa is an accomplished visual artist and a photographer, she has been working on her art professionally for 11 years. The use of color and contrast is a permanent theme in her work as an artist. 


Graphite and Carbon on canvas 

Jimmy’s work in this exhibition exhibits fluid patterns and three dimensional movement. He has a great talent for portraying a sense of constant motion in his art. His “cubo suave” is a malleable cube that looks almost texture mapped. It’s a striking piece that seems to protrude from the canvas. It’s quite spectacular. 

“His work stems from the relationship, dialogue and interaction between the body, objects and context, using multiple media: performance, video installations, and site-specific works. He is interested in the body as an object or material foundation for study, making it an area of tolerance and plastic support for dialogue with the environment. Each work has a dialogue with space, its function or significance, creating a different way of relating to them.”

LOURDES SANCHEZ, Cuban American from NYC.

Natural dyes, watercolor on paper 

Lourdes has two pieces in this exhibition and they are very colorful, depicting order and disorder at the same time. The dots of watercolor take on their own journey, some staying small and almost perfectly round, others spreading out and blending into the one next to it. 

“Lourdes Sanchez is a Cuban-born New York artist whose primary mediums are watercolor and ink, which she uses to explore compositions that are equal parts geometric and organic. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Merida, Yucatan.

Propelled by a desire to both revel in and to transcend (perhaps as well to ultimately alchemize) a persistent sense of displacement in the human world, these works aim to fuse ancient and archetypal geometric forms with inky randomness to form totems to the idea that the big mess of it all will be beautiful eventually, and sometimes is so, even now.”

Ernesto GARCIA PENA, Cuba

Acrylic on Canvas 

Pensar a series of 4 painting 

The paintings exhibited in this exhibition are abstract with flowing lines that appear to be in motion on the background of what looks like an underwater cloud. In Pensar 2, 3 and 4 there is an ethereal essence mixed with dark ominous intrusions. The paradas continuas of this series Pensar shows us how we are in constant movement between lightness and darkness, the beautiful dance of the human experience. 

Ernesto García Peña is a painter who explores the inner world of the psyche and has an inclination for fantasy, subtle eroticism, hedonism and love. 

Ernesto García Peña is one of Cuba ‘s modern day painters that is most well-known and has been celebrated internationally. His work has been exhibited worldwide and been in the National Museum de Bellas Artes in Cuba, the Arte Memorial América Latina in Brazil, the Arte Moderno Miskolc in Hungría, the Arte de Las Américas in Nicaragua, as well as in private collections in Spain, USA, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Yugoslavia. Switzerland, France, Russia and Japan. It’s an honor to have his work in Merida. 

Chuch estudio Aranza Garcia, México

Sculpture installation 

Chuch Estudio is a design studio with contemporary pieces and functional art in the centro of Merida. The piece by Aranza Garcia are stools that resemble the small packs of gum that are often sold by the kids on the street as you are getting on and off the bus. 


Oil on Canvas 

Yanet’s piece in this exhibition shows her “restlessness that comes from when the real and the abstract intersect.” 

Yanet is from Cuba and now lives in Mexico. And her inspiration for her work comes from life experiences, emotions, and how she perceives reality.


Oil on Canvas

Her piece in this exhibit is alive with bright contrasting colors and lines in movement. There is a sense of hurriedness and hustle and bustle. 

Tania is a Yucatecan artist that has been painting from an early age. Her work is very colorful, inspired by the landscapes of Mexico. She depicts the feelings that she observes in the world. 

Ariel Orozco Yo Te Amo Más

Acrylic on Canvas 

Ariel uses a fascinating technique in this piece. It’s called I Love You More and is two canvases painted and pressed together and left for several weeks. Later they were pulled apart each piece taking a piece of the other with them. 

Ariel Orozco is from Cuba and lives in Mexico City. 

“For me the everyday life is an enormous laboratory where we evaluate not only what happens in our lives and imagination but in the complex system of human interaction between individuals and their political and social context. Every object or documentation I have produced derives from an action or its notion, for me the resulting objects are a mere manifestation of my intervention, actions, sculptures, installations are sustained by a gesture which is the substance of my work.”

Visits to the gallery are by appointment only.

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